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Pentatonic X

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Lesson by: Synyster Gates
3-1-1-3 Vertically and Horizontally in E minor

Syn's tips

This is an isolated version of the “sweep” sections I was mentioning in the last two Etudes. This should help familiarize you with these mini sweeps across the fretboard and within every string grouping.

Try applying these to other scales, I think that you will find some amazing note combinations with these in Melodic and Harmonic minor as well as your standard Diatonic scale. When applied to even the Diatonic scale, you will find that you use notes outside of the standard Pentatonic scale even though it’s derived from the aforementioned. This is because there are two notes that are never used in the Pentatonic scale from the Diatonic scale and those are the 4th and the 7th of Ionian; the 1st mode of the Diatonic scale. Try and build a Pentatonic scale using those tones. If you know anything about the evil “Tritone” interval, this should be fun for you.

What in the hell am I talking about?? Head to the Discussion Thread above to find out. Somebody’s gotta be able to explain this nonsense better than me:alien:
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Pentatonic X
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